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We've added new prospective to our videos and photographs, called ProShots!

Well, it's been a while since we last posted anything on our blog. Since March of this year we were tied up on a political campaign here in Grand Junction. So, starting in September, we will be making a concerted effort to re-engage the communitiy with some of the latest aerial technology available. We have cut back some of our offerings, so that we can concentrate on what our clients are looking for. So, what are ProShots? ProShots are predesigned flights that highlight your product, business or property, and at a very affordible price.

New to our fleet of drones: The Mavic Air:

While this is a pro-consumer drone, it has features and capabilities that our other drones do not. It's also small so that we can take it places that carrying another larger drone would be a challenge.

It provides 4K UHD video, 12 and 32 MP stills and panoramas, along with ProShots such as Astroid, Helix, Boomer Rang and others. These features provide our customers cinematic video and dramatic scenes that gets your customers attention.

ProShots are affordable! Starting at just $99.00 per shot (ProShot), like Astroid or Helix can than be used in post production and added to any other high quality video or commercial.

Sample Astroid:

Imagine your company, business, or property! Incorporate into exsisting video header or trailer.

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