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AgView-360 Digital Scouting Report

Just in time for the 2018 growing season, MountainSky Aerial is ready for the crop scouting season. Through AgView-360, our Advanced Digital Scouting Platform is un-paralled in performance, reporting, and ease of workflow!

Crop scouting is an essential component that every grower understands. Most crop scout on a regular basis through out the grow season. Crop scouting is also time consuming and labor intensive. Now, with AgView-360 you can save time, scout entire fields, collaborate across multiple platforms (in the filed), view, report, send alerts and tasks to the right area of the field with the right personnel with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Crop Health Report: NDVI, Low Vigor, High Vigor, Medium Vigor with custom analysis!

Unlike some systems, where you have to be a computer expert, agronomist, mapping expert, certified Drone pilot and ground truth the results, AgView-360 takes most all that away, so all you have to do is assign the right personnel via text or e-mail alters with precise GPS coordinates to the area of concern for ground truth.

Advanced custom reporting at your fingertips:

From field notes to crop counting, AgView-360 is there to help you make informed decisions in a timely fashion that saves you money, time and expense. Collaboration is key from In-Field notes to photo's, AgView puts it all together in one neat, organized concise report.

Let MountainSky Aerial Photography do the flying, uploading, stitching, and with our in-house agronomist make the first analysis for you to review and share with your agronomist. AgView-360: Advanced Crop Scouting Made Simple!

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