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MountainSky Aerial - NAS Authorization

Finally! MountainSky Aerial Photography, LLC receives NAS Authorization for Class Delta (D) GJT Airspace!

We have been waiting for this for 4 months! It's the first of 5 authorizations for the Western Slope of Colorado. This is a BIG deal because we are following the laws and regulations outlined by the FAA. It's a big deal because we have taken the time and effort to do things right, not only for our company, but for those that hire us!

It's a BIG deal, because its the law! It separates us from those that would willingly fly without proper permission as commercial UAV pilots regardless or not if they have waivers (333) or Part 107 licensed! It shows that we are serious, professional and above board! So, the next time you hire a drone pilot for your commercial job, make sure that they have the proper license, waivers and NAS (Nation Airspace Authorizations) BEFORE you hire them!

#FAARules #FAARegulations #FAALicensed

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