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Update, Local Drone Regulations

I wanted update everyone about current or pending regulations for our local area.

I checked with both the Mesa County Sheriff's Department and the City of Grand Junction. (Municipal Court)

My finding were as I suspected. There are no current or pending local drone regulations that are for Mesa County, or within the City Limits of Grand Junction. That's the good news! However, with Christmas now passed and I suspect many new drone operators out there, we need to be mindful of current FAA regulations as it relates to both Hobbyists, and commercial drone operators. Those rules are still in effect. We should all use common sense in flying our birds, and parents should be with their children if they got one for Christmas when they fly.

For those that just got a new drone, MountainSky Aerial would be more than happy to give a couple hour lesson on FAA rules and how to fly safely. Thanks, and happy New Year!

#FAARules #Regulations #Drones

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