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How to create an account

Creating a new account with MountainSky Aerial Photography, LLC is very easy! This short Blog\Tutorial we will show you how. Creating an account is free and takes about 5 minutes! There are two places where you can click to "Login", at our home page under the Real Estate tab, or by clicking the Real Estate tab and scroll down to find the "Client Login". Click the tab. Once you click on the tab the following screen will show up:

Next, fill out the form and click "Create an Account" (RED tab). You will be sent an e-mail to verify and change your password. See, that was simple! Your account is now setup. Now for some details. Once your account is setup, you will be able to do many things like; schedule shoots, approve photo's, add your specific information including screen head shots of you, and your company information. Lets continue. The next screen looks like this:

You can now use this screen to select and schedule shoots. Simply fill out the form which is self explanatory and click the blue tab "Request Shoot". If there are any conflicts with scheduling, the system will notify you. The "Services" lists all the different types of shoots that are available. Simply select one or more and click the blue tab.

Screen shot showing the various services:

Once the shoot is scheduled you will receive an e-mail confirming the shoot, and that it is now in the cue. If you select a ProTour, you will fill out additional information through this form:

Here, you will enter all the details of the property and save the tour settings (Blue tab).

Once the shoot has been completed and your HDRpro Photos's\Videos are ready, you will get a confirmation e-mail and you can simply log in and look at the complete shoot.

E-Mail Confirmation:

Once you have been notified that the shoot is completed (Above e-mail), log in to your account to view and approve the photo's\Video and pay for the shoot.

You will notice the photo's say "Proof" until such time as you approve and pay for the shoot you requested. You can select photo's that you want to do not want included, it's totally up to you.

Photo shoot details:

Our system automatically creates various sizes of photo's for you! You have Small, Full, Tour (MLS), and Tour (Branded). The system is completely flexible You can have it your way. The next screen shot is the "completed shoot" page and administration:

This screen keeps track of all your completed shoots for your information purposes. You can go back and download any of the photo's\videos at any time. Or simply delete them if you no longer need them.

I hope this little introduction helps you to understand that we want to take up the least amount of your time because you have homes to sell. We have tied to make this Listing Agents portal as easy as we can while providing unique features you won't find elsewhere. As always, if you need help with any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more that happy to assist you. Thank You!

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