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Introducing JobSite-360

JobSite-360 is designed specifically for construction companies. JobSite-360 can be customized for any type of construction job. From simple construction progress, to full mapping, volumetrics, 3D point clouds, and much more.

Using professional photogrammetry, we can generate various maps and images that are critical in todays construction job sites. From point clouds, digital surface and terrain models, to orthomosaics, textured models and more. Combined with inspection and 4K UHD video of any job site, we can combine multiple reports that stakeholders want. When combined with our Waypoint system, missions are repeatable on a weekly, monthly or milestone basis. Completely customizable by you, our client.

You can get the full PDF information brochure by clicking here, or on the image to the left.

What can you do with JobSite-360?

Measure & Analyze

* Distances, Heights & Slopes

* Slope Colors & Directories

* Profiles

* Line of Sight & Viewshed

* Export into many different File formats


* Calculate Volumes

* Draw or Import Reference Surfaces

* Export Volumes

Have a special need? Contact us and let us help you be more productive and profitable. 970-623-5317,

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