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HDRpro Images now standard

MountainSky Aerial Photography is pleased to announce the addition of HDRpro Images to all of its Real Estate packages. Before we discuss how this is a great benefit to you, the listing agent, lets find out just what 'HDR' really means:

You can click on the above image for further details. So, how do we use HDR imaging for Real Estate? HDR is a starting point for our process. Most point-n-shoot cameras do not allow HDR images, nor do iPhones in standard mode. But there's more than just taking the HDR images. With high end DSLR cameras, we take a minimum of 3 photos; one under exposed, one at the right exposure, and one over exposed. We then merge these images into one. Oh, one more thing, these three photo's are all taken in 'RAW' format and not the typical JPEG. Why? JEPG's compress the photo so that it is smaller in size for sharing. As a result, data is removed from the photo thus less to work with for post processing.

Once the RAW photo's are taken, they are merged into one. This in-of-itself is a great benefit to making the photo look much better. But there's more. In order to make the photo really stand out, we post process the photo by applying presets that adjust and enhance the entire photograph. The results are dramatic in representing what an actual person see's. (Examples can be found of before and after on our web site)

The bottom line is that these HDRpro images represent the property better both inside and out. No more blown out windows, lighting is maximized for the conditions wanted and gone are the gloomy, dark under exposed photos. This process has proven to enhance sales both in less time on market and for more money. Professional Real Estate agents recognize this because they know it will help them sell property faster and for more money.


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