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FAA Now requires Registration for all drones

The FAA now requires that all Drones are registered with the FAA. This is the way it was at the begging of 2017, then the FAA changed and just commercial Drones were required to register their drones. Now, under President Trump, the FAA is now requiring that ALL drones be registered. So, if you got your drone for Christmas this year, you need to register it before you fly.

Who has to register? All drones whether used for commercial purposes or for recreation, all need to be registered. The cost is still $ 5.00. But beware, there are some out on the Internet that look and feel like the real FAA wed site, but are not. In my opinion, they are scammers that charge you $ 25.00 for registering your drone. So, $ 20.00 bucks go to them, and the $ 5.00 goes to the FAA. Don't be fooled! Go to the Real FAA web site to register your drone. You can find the real FAA site HERE.

#DroneRegistration #FAARegulations

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