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MountainSky Aerial Photography is proud to announce that we have partnered with FarmSolutions, an agricultural technology company providing comprehensive solutions that enable growers to improve operational efficiencies, increase plant health, and improve yields.



After months of research, MountainSky Aerial has selected Sentera sensors for all our 

agriculture airframes. This is a BIG deal, because there are a lot of solutions out there that

try and "Modify" the stock camera to sense NIR wave length and while it does work, the result and quality of the image are not what we want our customers to have.

                                                                                                                           - Mike Nevins

Here is a photo of one of our Phantom 4 Pro using the Sentera sensor. This combination allows us to fly single missions and obtain both High Res RGB (20mp), and NIR (Near Infrared) used to produce NDVI at the same time.

Both cameras are calibrated on a regular basis during normal maintenance schedule.

You can download the Sentera Sensor White paper HERE..

“Using near-infrared, you can identify stress in a plant 10 days before it becomes visible to the eye,” says Salman Siddiqui, head of IWMI’s GIS remote sensing and data unit.

“When a plant goes into stress, it’s either due to a water or fertiliser shortage, or because it’s being attacked by a pest. Photosynthetic activity decreases and that affects the chlorophyll. That’s what the near-infrared sensor can detect, but our human eye can’t see it until it’s more advanced.”

That 10-day warning could prevent large-scale crop losses. Siddiqui says: “If a crop is being attacked by insects, the whole area can be affected, not just one farmer. With UAVs, if you can figure this out before it spreads, you can save the whole area.” 

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