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In this section we hope to answer some of the most common questions we get asked concerning our drones and services. If you have other question or concerns, please feel free to contact us via e-mail. Or click Here to use our contact page. Again, we look forward to serving you.

Yuneec Typhoon Q500, 4k
Photo taken near monument with Nikon 5300 DSLR

Can MountainSky Aerial work for you?

Stockpile Measurement

MountainSky Aerial does volumetric measurement work in many industries including coal, fertilizers, iron ore, aggregates, sand, gravel, stone, wood chip, solid waste, rock, cement, dry bulk chemicals, among numerous others. 

I am interested in site planning and topograhic mapping. Does MountainSky Aerial do this?

In addition to customized volumetric stockpile reports additional reports can be produced and/or downloaded, including: contour and elevation maps, digital surface models, orthomosaic, 3D mesh and point clouds files. Efficiently, accurately and cost effectively getting detailed topographic maps can help with site planning, production forecasting and give a holistic view and more timely understanding of what is going on. 

Can MountainSky Aerial produce a high resolution aerial picture of our property?

Yes. Many clients like to periodically receive high-resolution aerial photography and videography of their properties for marketing and other purposes. Be sure to let us know in advance as this often requires us to bring additional cameras and equipment. Note: There is an additional fee for video/photo surveyence.

Where are drones best suited for mapping projects?

Projects of approximately 5 - 500 acreas where field survey crews would spend multiple days in the field collecting data.

Will a drone work for our mapping project?

While drones bring enormous benefit in many situations, we recognize that they are not the right data acquisition platform for all projects. As such, MountainSky Aerial will direct you to the right people that can provide additional services to fit your needs.

How does MountainSky Aerial achieve survey grade accuracy?

The devil is in the details. Achieving Survey Grade Accuracy does not just happen because you bought a new drone and some photogrammetric software.  Establishing Ground Control Points, high quality cameras, accurate geo referenced images, appropriate image overlap are just a few of the many factors that influence a projects true accuracy. The perceived simplicity of some solutions, especially cloud-based options where one just uploads images and out comes a 3D map has the potential to lead to some very poor and unintended results. Be sure that you work with professionals who understand all of these variables and can reliably and consistently deliver true survey grade accuracy.

What deliverables can I expect to receive?

We work closely with our providers that assist us in capturing all of the requisite aerial imaging data, processes it and deliver it with survey grade accuracy. Clients can choose to receive orthophotography, topographic maps, digital elevation models (DEM), contours, digital terrain models (DTM), cross-sections, 3D models and high definition aerial photos and videos.

How often do you recommend drone flights over our construction site?

This will vary greatly based on your intended use(s) of the imaging. Some companies choose to fly multiple times each day, others choose to do so on a weekly or monthly basis. At a minimum, we recommend capturing imaging at key project milestone points from inception through the project's completion. 

Can MountainSky Aerial perform inspections of the tall cranes on our construction sites? 

Absolutely. That is a perfect use as we are able to get highly detailed imaging without the need to someone to climb to do this mandatory inspection.

Can MountainSky Aerial create a time lapsed series of our construction PROJECT?

Yes with the obvious caveat that we need to be part of the project from inception in order to take the requisite images throughout the project.

How long does it take to get our volume data?

Drone image data is processed quickly, with customized volumetric reports delivered to clients within 24 – 48 hours.

How Does Drone Measurement of Stockpile Volumes Actually Work?

There are several component parts of this process. Namely, (1) capture the image data (2) photogrammatic processing (3) customized volumetric reporting (4) data storage:

1. Aerial Data Capture:  MountainSky Aerial works with our Client’s team to define requirements – target project area/boundaries, stockpiles for volume measurements, contours and topographic mapping, establishment of ground control points,  additional photo/video imaging, etc.

  • FAA Site Specific clearances are obtained, if necessary (checking for proximity to airports and/or other restricted areas)

  • Appropriate and safe drone take off and landing area is identified and secured

  • MountainSky Aerial trained and FAA certified pilot reviews established flight plan, performs safety checks and flies the drone mission capturing the requisite images and associated geospatial data

2. Photogrammetric Processing: The images are processed in proprietary cloud based photogrammetric software platform, stitching the images together into a 3D model

3. Customized Volumetric Reporting: MountainSky Aerial works closely with our client’s team to perform the volumetric computations and customize the volumetric reporting including specific stockpile naming conventions and density/weight conversions

4. Data Storage: Each time our drones fly a site and capture images large data files are created. MountainSky Aerial manages all of the associated IT data storage in highly secure servers while allowing for easy retrieval, as needed.

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